BeauTees FAQ

Are BeauTees 100% bleach proof?
No, we do not claim that BeauTees are 100% bleach proof. However, they are more bleach resistant than other shirts made of the same fabric that are non-Teflon coated. With the Teflon technology, BeauTees will take longer for bleach and other substances to settle in and stain, allowing better protection for the user. Under certain circumstances, however, where the shirt is left to soak long enough and not washed afterwards, the shirt may stain.
What makes BeauTees more bleach resistant?
BeauTees feature a unique Teflon technology woven into the fabric that repels stains and protects skin from bleach/color/water permeation. To learn more, visit our stain-testing results page.
What BeauTees size should I buy?
The BeauTees S/M is comparable to a market size 4/6. The BeauTees L/XL is comparable to a market size 8/10. For a quick guideline, please reference the below size chart:
BeauTees-size charts.jpg 
Can I return my BeauTees shirt?
Our standard defective return policy stands: Fromm will replace the product free of charge, six months from the date of purchase, if the material or manufacture is defective. The product should be returned to Fromm with the sales receipt for replacement. NOTE: We will not accept returns on discolored items, as we do not claim that these are 100% bleach-proof.